I’m writing this with a small lump in my throat. 
One year. One year. One year.  Every year I take this lake trip with my parents, been doing it since I was a foot tall. Every year we come back and just experience nature, fish, relax; it’s my time to reflect.  I took this picture one year ago. I was kind of broken, confused, with no direction. I had quit my job at Walmart, been stabbed in the back by a girl I  blindly allowed in, and was in the worst shape of my life. I consider myself self aware, and knew that I was at a low point. I took the leap of faith knowing I needed to start over. I was not happy, despite how my appearance seemed otherwise. 
I’m a natural 100%er. I do EVERYTHING 100% and give it my all. At this low point last year I was more concerned with what was going on at home than I was with enjoying my short “vacation.” When I came back I needed a reset. I needed a 100% 180 from where I was. I started the suffocating journey to start my business. I took the leap into the crossfit cult. For the first time in years I sat back and wanted to work on the internal more than the external. 
My favorite part of the trip is the fishing part with pops (love you too Mom!) it consists of us sitting there and him telling me bits and pieces of advice that he forgot he told me 10 times already. Every time he tells me though, it means something else. I learn a lot from the fishing too. 
This year I wanted to focus on the fishing to get my mind off of the business for a bit. Fishing is surprisingly similar to life. There are different kinds of fish, different kinds of bites, different kinds of days. There’s so many similarities between a good fisherman and a successful person. Being aware of surroundings and one self is so important. Being aware of the rod positions, the winds, the type of bites is just like being self aware in this crazy world. Sometimes it’s better to reel in a bite fast, full force right away. Sometimes it’s better to be patient and allow the fish to make the move and then slowly reel in. You never know what’s on the end of the line, you can only know how you react.
This year, focusing on the fishing, I realized a weakness of mine. My patience needs a lot of work. I need more time to let the world do its work and wait for the right time to attack. My 100% personality has conditioned me to believe I can change the ways of the world. Change the success of my business. Change the way people feel about me. Change everything that is not in my control. I read my first book in years. Call it an omen, but a quote that stuck:
"If you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it."
I’m writing this a completely different person than last year. I have narrower direction, greater drive. I’ve lost long term friendships, I’ve discovered many more new ones. I’m living with less emotion on my sleeve, and finding new outlets to expel them. I’m wiser, more fit, and more aware of my impact on this world. And I won’t date dumb girls anymore, especially ones with sharp knives.
My patience is something I have to continue to develop socially, physically, mentally. I will learn to breathe.. to let circumstances develop without the need to take action until action is needed at the right moment.  Next year I’m going to be even better, as a fisherman and a person.
But for now, I’m enjoying what my fast reeling has brought me. 
Dr. J

5/30-5/31: GLUTEN GLUTEN GLUTEN and Confidence

So yesterday (the 30th) was my worst gluten day. I’m glad it came and hit hard, so now today (the 31st) I’m feeling much better. I hate the “no time” excuse but I actually had no time to hit up CFCC. Nothing worse than missing training while on BCCC. 

I’m starting to get this weird confidence back that disappeared a few weeks after the last challenge. Being semi hungry yet in control of my actions with food makes me feel more in control of life overall. It’s only a few days into the challenge and I walk with a higher sense of pride, knowing I’m doing something no one else is. 

Confidence is a big factor in my life. There is no stronger correlation with my overall demeanor and happiness. If I feel confident, I’m happy. If I’m not confident, I feel like shit. No matter how much I try to hide some emotions it’s bound to show. On paper I probably seem like I have it all going for me. Young, own a business, work hard at the gym, live in center city, etc. But sometimes that daily stuff is taken for granted, so I need a continuing challenge to overcome. It’s a gift and a curse. 

I’m truly grateful for finding CFCC and having the short and long term challenges that come my way every day. 

Day 2: I’m meant to do this.

Paleo: Another monster CF day. I think eating paleo has me so wired to perform at the gym because of my gains during the last challenge. Strung 3 muscle ups together. When I first started Crossfit I was confident that I could perform every movement. I thought that the muscle up was an unachievable goal. Now I can do 3 in a row. 

Social: First time at KOP mall in 6 years. This mall is crazy. Recently met someone new and we had a great time there. I forgot how much I miss just finding any boring thing to do and just make it fun. 

What a day.

Keep it simple. 

5/28: Day 1

I needed a good start to the week and got it. The gluten withdrawal hit early and it was my last day with Simon. I’m not liking the idea of giving him up but it’s more motivation to get a puppy of my own. Can’t wait. Hit my second best business day sales wise and squatted like a BEAST today…300lb x3 with my 1 rep PR being 325. I’m ready to blast that PR out of the water. I’m right back in the swing of things with Paleo, as if I never even left.

Todays social challenge brought me out to explore the streets.  Apparently there aren’t many events the day after Memorial Day so I just decided to venture out. I did a bunch of this in Europe. It’s the side streets and alleyways that make the city, not the main attractions. Plus I had to get some fresh scallops from whole foods. Philly is so awesome when you walk aimlessly.

It was a short night out because I had to return Simon and eat (eat right). The good things were in my control, the bad things weren’t. I’d say that’s a good start to this challenge. 

Cheers to trying something new.

And it’s begun..

So here I am again, starting this crazy food challenge that I was so skeptical about just at the beginning of this year. I’m kind of at a loss for words about what the last BCCC has taught me not only about food, but about myself. I’ve always considered myself very adaptable and taking on any challenge that presents, it was just never that way with healthy food choices (wrestling for 10 years didn’t help.)

Apparently I can overcome the food obstacles, so much that my peers in the challenge considered me a “winner” and I was awarded a prize for my efforts. There was something missing in all of it though. I tend to be a 100%er. When I’m at work, I give it my all. When I’m at the gym, I give it my all. My good friends get it all. The gift and the problem with the last BCCC was giving it my all. I was so focused on results that I lost connection with the outside world because I didn’t want an ounce of negative influence. I spent 28 days focused on gym time, cooking, work, and left no room for socialization.

The Socio-Paleo challenge is something I made up to learn how to live the fun AND healthy life I desire. While eating Paleo, I am going out 28 days in a row. Every single night I will want to do something out of my apartment, whether its catching up with old friends, approaching random strangers and making new ones, random exploring, Phillies games, movies, comedy shows, etc etc etc. 

I’ve never been much of a writer but accountability is everything. I will do my best to give a transparent view of what I’m doing, why I chose to do it, and etc. Cheers to a new adventure..

Dr. J

2/12: I can smell it.

1 day away. Plan on killing todays WOD, tomorrows WOD, then weighing in. 1 day closer to the glorious cookies. Overall, I think I have to keep up (at least mostly) with this lifestyle. I feel too good and the mood boost I get from killing WODs is something I don’t want to give up. I would hate to retract and be gasping for air 1 minute into a wod. We’ll see..

Breakfast: Ground lamb with eggs. This is awesome.

Lunch: Ground lamb with broccoli.

CF Strength: Pullup 3x 40lb.

Wod: 3 OHS 3 High hang snatch then air squats EMOM for 10 min:

97 Air Squats.

2/11: Countdown Time

I feel like I’m preparing to weigh in for a wrestling match.

CF Strength: Squat x3 245 for 3 sets. Not my strongest but I had a hell of a day yesterday. 

WOD: 10 min AMRAP overhead KB hold while doing 30 ft lunges, right side, left side. 15 Knees to elbows: 4 rounds. Happy with this score. All the hanging exercises are starting to get a lot better. Getting lighter without losing muscle helps.

Breakfast: Eggs, chicken sausage, potato.

Lunch: Turkey breast, brussel sprouts, carrots, peas.

Dinner: Grocery beef (def had sugar), chipotle chicken, and salsa chicken. The extra sugar didn’t help but I didn’t have any carbs tonight. Got extra greens for lunch.

2/10: Workout Day

Breakfast; Eggs and bacon

Wanted to do 3 hours at the gym today. Strongman—>Croga—>Wod “The Chief”. Very excited. Wanted to do it with only some protein and fat. I’ll grab a coffee beforehand and take some BCAA’s during croga.

Strongman Strength: PR* Sated Push Press 160 x1.

Wod: A medley that failed bigtime lol.


CF Girls Workout: The Chief: 5 rounds 3 min AMRAP: 3 Power Cleans (135lb), 6 pushups, 9 airsquats:

4+3PC, 4, 4, 4, 4+3PC

I felt amazing doing this one. So glad I busted it out at the end to match my first round score.

Dinner: Baked buffalo wings. Got my fix.

Snacks: 2 teaspoons sunbutter, kale chips, carrots.

2/9: The End is Near

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon

Lunch: Buffalo jerky and 2 teaspoons sunbutter. Was dead tired for some reason. I think it was the medley of stuff that I ate last night.

Snack: Half a bag of carrots from trader joes. What a good snack, loving this shit.

Dinner: Flank steak and sweet potato mash from DiBruno. Awesome.